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      Let us go and see them, she said. In front of the saddle? Do you mean to say that you carried all your clothes in a bundle? Oh! I shall never understand it! Let us go and see what youve bought.

      Then pay him! said Esmeralda. Get the horse!

      "In the meantime, dear, you shall--" But still Flora persisted:

      And he is as good as he looks, as the books say. There is not a man in the room who can do the things men do as well as he can.

      You deceived, sacrificed me! she said, slowly.

      Do you mean to say that she is not charming? She looks delightful. Think of that face and two millions of money! What a prize she will be! I wonder who the lucky man will be?Traffords health was drunk about fifty times, and he sat patiently smiling and waiting. He had gone through it all extremely well, and had earned the encomiums of the men, who declared that he had played the part like a hero.


      You mean that they will hold her to ransom? asked Norman, feverishly.



      "No, sir!" cried the General. "Hil--" He turned upon his nephew, but finding him engaged with Anna, faced round to his chum: "For Heaven's sake, Greenleaf, does he allow--?"